Manufacturer of Textile Spindles


We are having vast experience in manufacturing and supplying spindles for ring spinning, doubling, twisting, up-twisting and winding machines in textile industry. This has made our name familiar with textile mills & original equipment manufacturers and thus we are the most preferred suppliers.

  Location, area and capacity
PI is located 120 kms. from Ahmedabad at Plot no. 1608, Phase IV, GIDC Industrial Estate, Wadhwan city-363 035, Dist. Surendranagar, Gujarat State, India, with well equipped workshops and skilled work-force with an installed capacity of 1,20,000 pieces per annum.
  Research and development
The extensive effort of our R & D, well equipped workshop and versatile work-force, all put together makes us trend-setters and allows us to attain great perfection and accuracy in the production of high performance precision spindles for the textile industry. We are specialised in the manufacture of spinning, doubling & twisting spindles for all types of textile yarns. Our spindle manufacturing technology is based on legendary ‘SKF' assistance.
  Customer focus
Future growth and development are dominated by our responsive approach, the consumer & the environment. With these responsibilities at the helm PI will continue setting the trend for the spindle technology in great productivity & high precision.
  Marketing network
Company has established and continuously expanding the agents/representatives network in India and abroad for extending excellent marketing services.
Customer focus, maximising customer satisfaction, increasing the effectiveness of the quality management system and continuous improvement shall be our guiding principles.
Our spindles are standardised by many leading mills and are exported to Europe and Far East countries by direct and indirect exports, used as original equipment by textile machinery manufacturers.
The name of Mr. Prakash Parmar, Director of Parmar Industries, Wadhwan city is well known in the spinning sectors of India and abroad. He has rich experience of 25 years in textile spindle manufacturing and has technical guidance from Vijay Mechanic Works - the pioneer manufacturers of Crown spindles. He is a good administrator of all matters relating to smooth running of a textile spindle manufacturing unit, such as production planning, production, quality control, purchasing, marketing, etc.


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